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Lettings & Property Management

Our team will pre-let your apartment before completion
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An award-winning in-house lettings team

Whether you own one investment property or have a portfolio of properties, managing your assets and dealing with tenants is time-consuming – which is why all our properties come with full management included. Our team will market your property up to 12-months before completion – and with up to 3,000 enquiries a month coming into our city centre-based lettings office, you can be sure that your property will be tenanted from day one.


Dedicated property management

Every property within our portfolio is overseen by a dedicated Property Manager, that your tenant will have access to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Property Management team work closely with the lettings team and are instrumental in protecting you and your investment, whilst improving the lives of our tenants. We also have a communications team that is vital in assisting our lettings team and providing consistently high-quality leads through marketing activity.


Our track record as a market leader

As one of the only developers to pre-let apartments off-plan, we have some of the best success rates in the market

  • 97% average occupancy after year one across the portfolio
  • 74% of lets are achieved without a viewing
  • 60% renewal rate across established developments
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How we outperform the competition

We market all properties up to 12-months prior to completion, this ensures maximum occupancy levels from day one of operation.
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End-to-end investment service
Pre-let prior to completion
Built with sustainability in focus
Focusing on what the tenant wants
Maintaining 97% occupancy rate

What our investors say

"Bought a property from them in 2015. Built on time and rented straight away. I live in Hong Kong and visited Manchester this year to see my property. Very pleased."
Cheryl, Hong Kong
"I would definitely recommend an investment with Beech holdings as I have invested with them for the last few years, and I never had any problems whatsoever. (Good return too)"
Photis, Greece
"I purchased an apartment in 2018 and could not be more satisfied. The monthly income as been hassle free, and I simply receive my monthly payment (which is now more than the estimate from 2018)"
Lesley, United Kingdom
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