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What our investors say

We are proud to have been providing our investors with the UK’s best opportunities for over 20 years.

A proven track record of delivery for over two decades

We are committed to providing each of our investors with a personalised, end-to-end investment service. Whether you are looking for something fully managed with assured returns, or the flexibility of personal use, we have something for every investor and every budget. With 25% of our sales coming from referrals or repeat business, it is no wonder we are the number one choice for our global network of investors.

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Hear from our investors

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"Fantastic experience overall and I thank the sales team Elliot and Sarah who have been very professional and prompt to ensure smooth transaction. Highly recommended."
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Khalid, Investor
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"Michael is a delight and a true professional within the property sector. I would highly recommend purchasing a property through him."
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Reuben, Investor
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"Michael and Sarah were absolutely superb and really went the extra mile to get me all the information I needed - we have just exchanged and I am sure the rest of the journey will be as good."
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Bruno, Investor
"I purchased an apartment in 2018 and could not be more satisfied. The monthly income has been hassle free, Joseph my point of contact makes it a completely hands off investment and I simply receive my monthly payment which is now higher than the estimate given in 2018."
Lesley, Hong Kong
"Their developments are a really high standard compared to many others I’ve seen in the city centre. I’m getting a very decent rent per square foot on my property and it’s been consistently tenanted for a number of years now. No surprises with the service charges either. Would recommend."
Natalia, United Kingdom
"I would definitely recommend an investment with Beech Holdings as I have invested with them for the last few years, and I never had any problems whatsoever. (Good return too) A particular mention for Joseph who has been wonderfully helpful in all our exchanges. Would highly recommend."
Photis, Greece
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