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We focus on regional hotspots that offer high yields and strong capital growth
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We develop in areas of high demand and huge undersupply

At Beech Holdings we are committed to providing investors with the best opportunities in areas that offer both high yields and strong capital growth. By focusing on regional cities outside of London, we can offer investments from as little as £125,000, with assured yields of 7% NET for up to three years – with full management included. Every location we develop in has proven demand from the UK rental market as well a huge undersupply of high-quality properties – making our investments a future-proofed addition to any portfolio.

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Why invest in the UK property market

Low Undersupply
High demand and low undersupply
The population of the UK is rising at a rate faster than supply of housing can keep up with – especially in key regional cities.
Renting Long Term
People are renting for the long-term
The age of a first-time buyer in the UK is currently 35 years old and is expected to rise to 40 years old by 2029.
Increase Prices House
Consistently increasing house prices
Over the last 12 months, property prices in the UK have risen by 11%, with experts predicting this to continue to rise exponentially.
Regeneration City Development
Large-scale regeneration
Many cities throughout the UK have recently undergone infrastructural redevelopment, attracting big businesses & residents from around the country.
Legal Framework
A globally respected legal framework
The UK legal system offers many benefits to international investors, including a clear and established legal framework, certainty of law and title, and a competitive tax regime.
Returns Rising
Rental returns expected to rise
As rental demand increases so do rental yields, with average rents rising by 14% in the last 12 months.

Investment location checklist

When investing in the UK property market, taking the time to understand what will generate the highest yields and where will experience the strongest capital growth is paramount. To anticipate which locations will give you a healthy return on your investment, you should consider locations that have the following;

  • An area where demand out outweighs supply
  • A large population of 18–35-year-olds
  • Proven examples of institutional investment
  • Track record of increasing property prices
  • The presence of global businesses
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2024 UK Property Investment Guide

In a market going from strength to strength, how do you spot the best opportunities? Where are the best places to invest in the UK right now? Download our free investment guide today to learn more.

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