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17th July 2020
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What do you need to consider with a buy to let investment?

Considering investing in property in the UK? Whilst property remains one of the safest and oldest areas to invest in, as with any investment, it’s important to always do thorough research before diving straight in. Strong economic growth, investment in infrastructure, amenities, university populations and a strong employment market are top factors to consider when choosing a buy to let investment.

Here are our top things to look for when you are considering investing in property in the UK:


We’ll start with perhaps the most obvious factor first of all…location, location, location. Location is king and continues to be the most significant factor for those looking at investing in buy to let property. Proximity to great transport links, green space, and amenities, are all desirable attributes that add to the value of property. If the location is popular, it will generate higher yields for the investor and it’s likely that the tenant will stay for longer.

When you’re researching the location of a buy to let investment, take a look at the university population, the graduate retention rate and how the job market is looking. If there’s a large student population and a strong job market, it means that rental demand will be high and it’s unlikely your investment will stay empty.

Properties in areas with a strong job market, making it possible for tenants to have a short commute, are in exceptionally high demand. The location of a property is a number one priority for most people, and it’s important to spend a lot of time researching a place before you take the leap.

Great amenities and features

Apartments with access to on-site amenities or great amenities in the surrounding area is another incredibly important factor that property investors need to consider. Nearby restaurants, bars, parks, gyms, and cinemas, especially within walking distance, will also help to attract tenants and encourage them to rent for longer.

In addition to great amenities, high-quality furnishings and features should be high on investors agendas. If you’re purchasing a furnished buy to let investment, you should be enquiring about the quality of the products used. Not only are high quality products more aesthetically pleasing, they have longevity, ensuring that they don’t have to be replaced every year and end up in landfill.

Another important factor to tenants is WiFi. A survey carried out by international law firm CMS found that strong WiFi coverage was one of the most attractive features in a property. Fast internet and a strong WiFi connection is important to many of us, especially during a pandemic where a large percentage of the workforce is working from home.

Safety and security

Everyone wants to feel safe where they live. Always look at the crime statistics of an area and what security measures the developer has in place before you invest. Secure properties, bike storage and CCTV are all factors that make tenants feel safe, secure and stay longer in their tenancy.

Manchester-based developer, Beech Holdings’ apartment buildings have CCTV, secure entryway systems and video intercom systems to help tenants feel safe during their stay.

Why Manchester is a great option for Buy-to-Let investment

Manchester city centre has undergone a vast transformation in recent years and low residential stock levels coupled with high rental demand has made Manchester an incredibly desirable place for property investment.

Manchester has the second-highest graduate retention rate in the UK, after London. According to research from the Manchester Brain Drain, 51% of students from Manchester’s universities remain in the city after graduation. In addition to this, 57% of students from Manchester who left the city for their studies, returned to Manchester after graduation. These statistics showcase how healthy Manchester’s rental market is, again making it an easy choice for investors.

Looking for a buy-to-let investment in the UK?

Beech Holdings have a number of high-end apartments available for investment in Manchester City Centre, the UK’s buy-to-let hotspot.

Combining high-quality contemporary finishes and cutting-edge low-carbon technologies, Beech Holdings’ developments are in huge demand from both tenants and investors.

One of these buildings is located in the much sought-after Ancoats area, Ancoats Gardens is a luxury residential development with two roof gardens, 155 high-spec apartments, an exclusive on-site gym, coffee roastery and shared social space for tenants.

Ancoats was recently regarded by The Times as one of the top 20 coolest places to live in the UK, increasing rental demand in the area, making it a lucrative choice for potential investors.

If you’re interested in investing in our Ancoats Gardens development or want to find out about any of our other developments, get in touch today.

Explore our other areas which include: Ancoats, City Border, City Centre, Northern Quarter, Princess Street, Salford Quays, Spinningfields, and Trafford.

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