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4th December 2020
2 minutes

Watch: Should I consider property investment as an alternative to a pension?

For decades, property has been a solid choice for those wanting to earn a passive income – either to supplement their main income stream, or to provide a steady income during retirement.

As a leading specialist developer of investment property, we have a number of clients who purchase with us in order to ensure that they have a steady and secure income stream in retirement. What’s more, as all of our properties come fully managed as standard – with assured returns for the first few years post completion, we ensure that all of our investors can enjoy the benefits of property investment, without any of the hassle that can come from being a landlord.

In our latest video, Sales Director Elliot Vure compares the benefits of investing in property as an alternative to traditional pension products. As Elliot explains, most traditional pension products revolve around investing your hard-earned savings into stocks and shares – a market known for its volatility, extreme fluctuations, and high risk. Investing in property however allows you to have more control over your capital, with the added benefit of an asset that increases in value over time.

Watch our latest video to find out more about why investing in property could be a great alternative to a traditional investment.

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