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1st October 2021
2 minutes

Watch: Everything you need to know about buying property in a limited company structure

In our latest video, we have continued our collaboration with our specialist partner, Get Ground, to deliver information to our investors regarding some of the common misconceptions about investing in property with a limited company structure.

In this week’s video, Joe Carbonaro, the Regional Account Manager at Get Ground, discusses topics such as the costs of setting up and maintaining and limited company structure in the UK, how easy it is to obtain financing when investing with a limited company structure, and the logistics of selling properties that are contained within a company structure.

Last year, there were 85,000 buy-to-let properties, with 41,700 of those bought through a limited company structure, making it the fastest-growing mortgage market sector in the UK.

For more information on how you can invest with a limited company structure, get in contact with one of our property experts today.

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