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11th November 2019
2 minutes

UK property investment seminar

Beech Holdings will be holding its very first property investment seminar in partnership with Egyptian property consultancy Deyar, in Cairo, Egypt.

The Event will be an introduction to property investment in the UK, aiming to help investors learn how to invest wisely and secure maximum returns on investment.

The key speakers at the seminar will be Beech Holdings owner and award-winning UK property Investor Stephen Beech, as well as UK market expert Elliot Vure and Deyar owner Ammar Nouth.

Beech Holdings has recently confirmed that the property investment seminar will be held exclusively on Friday 6 December 2019 at 3pm and 6pm, as well as Saturday 7 December 2019 at 1pm and 5pm and will take place at the renowned Four Seasons Hotel – situated next to the river Nile.

Previously featured on the BBC, Property entrepreneur Stephen Beech is keen to share his extensive knowledge of the UK property market and hope he will help investors make sense of the ever- evolving property sector in the UK: ‘I am very keen to be leading such an exclusive event and hope my 20 years’ experience will help investors maximise their yields’.

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