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13th January 2023
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Salford commits to developing 20,550 homes over the next 14 years as part of their local plan

Salford is expected to receive approval for their local plan early next week according to Place North West after nearly a decade since the process originally began, which will see the framework for the further development of Salford for the next 14 years given the green light.

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According to Place North West, approval of Salford’s local plan is likely to come through early next week after a decade’s worth of work, with the green light expected to be received on Wednesday 18th January.

After discussions for the local plan began back in February 2013, Salford’s local plan will see the framework set to further develop Salford with plans set out until 2037. The local plan is reported to include information regarding housing density policies, the types of housing available in various locations, and the size of homes to be developed in the city, with the local housing reported to need an increase of 1,370 dwellings per year – culminating in 20,550 over the next fifteen years. The council also aspires to deliver at least 85% of these new dwellings on brownfield land in the area and forecasts an 80% net increase in houses within most of the areas – with exceptions to this including areas such as Cheetham Hill town centre.

Significant developments that have been highlighted in the local plan include a brand new Metrolink tram line that would see Salford Quays connected with Salford Crescent
Train Station, which is directly next to Salford University – making it easier for younger people living in the area to travel to their places of work and study. Additionally, the local plan includes a new footbridge across the River Irwell from the Crescent.

To accompany the transport and housing updates to the city, the local plan also outlines a brand new Greengate Park which would bring greenery into the city centre and highlight the area’s rich industrial heritage, as well as bringing in more visitors and tourists to enhance the support of local businesses and cultural activity in the area.

When addressing the profile and economy of Salford, no one can dismiss the impact that Media City has had on the area, after establishing a well-versed range of creative, digital, technology and media services including being home to the BBC, ITV, and many other household names in the entertainment industry. To support this, the local plan is expected to propose additional business floorspace located in and around Media City and Anchorage Quay, providing further locations for businesses and employment in the area.

As a local developer, we know just how important the introduction of Salford’s local plan will be as we have been committed to contributing to the regeneration of the area. For the last five years we have been dedicated to improving the number of homes available in Salford after we acquired the site on which our incredibly popular Brookland House development now sits – just across the road from the site where our brand-new City Co-Living MediaCity development will complete in 2024.

Since its completion in 2021, Brookland House has maintained 100% occupancy with a 70% renewal rate of tenants, with our in-house lettings team receiving on average enough enquiries each year to fill Brookland House 96 times over – a testament to the demand for housing in the local area. Our brand-new City Co-Living MediaCity development will see an additional 120 luxury apartments delivered to the area with on-site amenities that include a gym and fitness studio, co-workspaces, media rooms, private bookable dining rooms and rooftop gardens, just a short 2-minute tram ride from the Media City tram stop, putting our residents in the heart of the desperately undersupplied neighbourhood with increasing tenant demand each year.

To understand more about Salford’s local plan, the regeneration of the local area, and how you can invest in our brand-new off-plan opportunity at City Co-Living MediaCity, get in touch with one of our expert property consultants today.

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