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8th April 2022
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Manchester named the most affordable city to live in the world

According to Time Out’s Annual Index, which surveys over 27,000 global city-dwellers, Manchester has been officially named the least expensive city in the world, with London comparatively taking the fifth spot on the most expensive cities list, just behind Paris and Los Angeles.

After surveying over 27,000 city-dwellers from around the world, Time Out has announced a list of the top 10 most affordable cities to live in across the globe, paired with a list of the top 10 most expensive cities to live in, with many of the world’s popular cities featuring, with Manchester, Los Angeles, Rome, and London making appearances on each list. Topping the most affordable cities list was Manchester, followed by Johannesburg, Budapest, and Montreal, with the most expensive list including cities such as Zurich, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

As the only two UK cities to feature in the top 10 of each survey, Manchester coming out on top as the number one most affordable city to live in the world is no surprise, with house prices in the area at an average of just £248,397, over £106,000 behind the national average house price of £354,564, and a staggering £416,003 below London’s average house price of £664,400. Also named the most affordable city in the UK for students, Manchester is home to over 100,000 students spread across the city's universities and provides the experience of big city living for a much lower price tag and some of the cheapest travel costs in the country.

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