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15th February 2024
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Landlord Confidence in UK Property Market Continues to Increase Across All Metrics

According to the latest Landlord Panel Research report from international business insight consultancy, BVA BDRC, landlord confidence in the UK property market has increased across all metrics measured year-on-year and continues to show a positive score for ‘landlord optimism’ following on from the previous report released in Q3 2023.

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63% of landlords report an increase in tenant demand

Landlord confidence within the UK markets has increased across all metrics according to the latest Landlord Panel Research report from international business insight consultancy, BVA BDRC, with ‘landlord optimism’ continuing to receive a positive score following the previous report in Q3 2023 – prior to which it received a year’s worth of negative scores.

The quarter-on-quarter results from the panel research report show that landlord confidence in their lettings businesses remains stable with confidence in rental yields the only metric measured to decrease compared to the previous quarter, due to the perception that tenant demand has decreased for the first time since Q2 2022. However, 63% of landlords reported an increase in tenant demand over the last three months.

When assessing the data regionally, BVA BDRC reported that landlords in the North West reported the strongest increases in tenant demand across the UK, followed by Yorkshire and the Humber – signalling the strength in the landlord and tenant market in the north of the country.

“Confidence among landlords remains solid surrounding capital gains, the PRS as a whole, and the wider UK financial market.”

Number of investors looking to acquire new properties increases by 3%

The research report carried out by BVA BDRC was undertaken on behalf of specialist lender, Foundation Home Loans, and comprised almost 400 online interviews with landlords across the UK to reveal solid levels of confidence amongst landlords across the industry, as divestment now sits lower than the figures reported in the previous year – with the number of investors planning on acquiring property investments increasing by 3% and landlords with the largest number of properties looking to acquire further investments increasing by 19%.

“There is a renewed sense of calm and stability from these latest set of landlord results, and while it’s clear there are still some considerable concerns for active participants in the PRS, it’s positive to see confidence generally rising across most of the metrics.” Grant Hendry, Director of Sales at Foundation Home Loans.

Mortgage rates decline and tenant demand increases

At Beech Holdings, we have experienced increased landlord confidence over the last three months following the decrease in mortgage rates from big lenders, as more properties come into the market, and tenant demand continues to increase in regional cities like Manchester and Newcastle.

To learn more about how you can benefit from the increase in tenant demand within Manchester and the current state of the UK mortgage market, get in touch with our expert team today or call directly at +44 (0) 161 791 4600.

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