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22nd August 2016
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Investors get chance to back developments

Beech Holdings, which owns £40m worth of residential housing stock in Manchester, has launched two investment products for people to invest in restoring the city’s iconic buildings.

Boss of the firm Stephen Beech, known as ‘Manchester’s Restoration Man’ because of his commitment to bringing old unloved city buildings back to life, says investors are being given the chance to support eco-friendly sustainable developments while guaranteeing themselves strong returns.

Beech’s ‘Growth Product’ promises a minimum return of 50%. Additionally, the Manchester company’s ‘Income Product’ will deliver 8% per annum fixed income investment until September 30 2021 – with interest payments made twice a year.

Beech said: “Manchester is the UK’s second city and the centre of the Northern Powerhouse.
“But, as it stands, people are only getting between 1 per cent and 2 per cent interest on their savings accounts.

“As a group Beech has 10 city centre buildings and 400 units currently in the design, planning and development stage. We also boast a 15-year proven track record operating within Manchester’s property sector – providing high-end accommodation for students and entry level professionals.”

He said money invested in Beech’s products will help bring old iconic Manchester city centre buildings back to life.

Beech said: “Beech was founded in 2001, is now a pioneering developer and is going from strength to strength as a company.

“Our ‘Growth Product’ offers 8% annum fixed return investment until September 30 2021, with a 10% bonus of the initial amount invested. The interest accrues annually and is then paid with that 10% bonus on September 30 2021.

“The ‘Income Product’ will deliver an 8% per annum fixed income until September 30 2021 – with interest payments made twice a year. Both products offer fantastic returns and are completely safe.

“These investment products have been set up so we can deal directly with people who invest.

“We will send updates to investors every three months and anticipate people really engaging with this, as they will be able to follow our on-going and upcoming projects.

“As far as Beech Holdings investment opportunity goes, we are solely concerned with Manchester and its position in the market.

“Manchester was also last year voted one of the world’s best cities to live in, in a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ahead of London, New York and Rome for quality of life.”
Beech Holdings also recently made a pledge to use British steel on all the company’s future projects.

The group has a gross development pipeline of £100m and was crowned the overall national winner of the 2016 Local Business Accelerators scheme earlier this year.

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