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11th February 2022
3 minutes

Insider Feature: Stephen Beech CEO, Powerhouse Perspective

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Beech Holdings CEO Stephen Beech

For the latest instalment of Insider’s Q&A series, our CEO and Founder, Stephen Beech, was asked a series of questions regarding the Northern Powerhouse and went on to discuss the potential impact of the levelling-up agenda in the North, how businesses can benefit and operate within the North, and what initiative means to him.

Going on to state why he thinks Manchester has become the ‘unofficial’ Capital of the North, and outlining how the government, local businesses, and international investors should prioritise the levelling-up agenda, Stephen Beech paints a clear understanding of how the Northern Powerhouse can be optimised to reach its full potential, with the support of those based in the North and further afield, whilst challenging London’s outdated position as the initial destination for large businesses.

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