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2nd September 2022
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Demand for eco-friendly properties in the UK property market increases by 34%

According to the latest market insights from leading financial services group Legal & General, the number of searches for environmentally friendly homes and mortgages that consider a property’s EPC rating have risen by 34% as buyers and investors are making greener choices when choosing an investment in the UK.

The latest market insights from financial services group Legal & General have revealed a 34% increase in demand for eco-friendly homes and mortgages that consider a property’s EPC rating, according to data from their SmartrCriteria tool, as greener property choices become more of a priority for buyers and investors in the UK market.

With more regulations regarding the environmental impact of properties coming into effect in the next few years, it is no surprise to see more investors considering the financial and regulatory benefits of opting to purchase a greener and eco-friendly property, especially when considering a long-term investment in the UK market.

At Beech Holdings we have maintained a market-leading position as a leading UK developer for over 20 years, and throughout this time, have dedicated over two decades to providing eco-friendly developments and investments with a focus on utilising sustainable technologies in and around Manchester.

While the ‘green revolution’ in property continues to gain traction in the market, we have played a key part in educating investors on the importance of eco-friendly investments, the financial benefits of a high EPC rating, and raised awareness for the benefits of investing in sustainable properties since 2001 – meaning our experience and expertise in this area of the market is of importance when considering the future of sustainable development in the UK, and also supports our many sustainability-focused awards we have won over the years.

To learn more about our dedication to sustainability and how you can invest in an environmentally friendly property, get in touch with one of our expert property consultants today.

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