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16 September 2019 – Sustainability, the environment and single-use plastics have become a focal point of social and political discussion in recent years.

Single-use plastics and fast-fashion have created a throwaway culture that has dominated the conversation around sustainability. Designers, architects and developers are continually focusing on using items that have longevity, are timeless and work with the planet, not against it.

Our Sustainability Plan of Action 

Sustainability isn’t solely about making small changes every day, it’s about making long-term decisions. When Beech Holdings design and build apartments in Manchester, we make every effort to ensure that our developments are not only energy efficient and eco-friendly, but also use timeless, natural materials and sustainable features.

Our High Spec Designs and Materials

Our design team specialise in carbon friendly refurbishments and new builds, including high-spec student and professional apartments with advanced green technologies. Our suppliers are mostly local and always highly reputable. When we design our apartments, we try to retain as many of the heritage features as possible, maintaining the character and charisma of the building.


biophilic design

As well as sustainability, biophilia is also frequently mentioned in 2019 interior trend reports, and this is something our design team incorporates into our projects. Biophilia refers to a human’s innate tendency to seek connections with nature and this can be brought into design using organic materials, greenery and natural light to reflect the outside landscape. Because of this innate desire to connect with nature, architects and designers are rethinking their approach to residential developments with the view that it will improve health and wellbeing amongst tenants.

High-quality, Long lasting and Timeless

In our approach to biophilic design and sustainability, we use natural materials such as wood, brick and greenery to bring nature indoors. A lot of our refurbishments are within industrial buildings, this industrial theme is carried into our restoration, reflecting the rich heritage of the building and the outside landscape. The pieces we choose to furnish the apartments are high-quality, long lasting and timeless, we avoid using cheap furnishings that will eventually end up in landfill.

Creating apartments that incorporate sustainability and biophilia into the design creates a positive environment in which tenants are happier and more likely to stay long-term. We have found that designing in this way also increases rental demand because people will seek out accommodation that resonates with their values.

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