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8 SEPTEMBER 2013 – Green landlord Stephen Beech of Beech Properties opened up one of his super energy efficient properties on 8th September 2013 to mark Community Energy Fortnight.

Community Energy Fortnight is an initiative of the Community Energy Coalition with events taking place right across the UK. Through these events, the coalition aims to engage and inspire people about the wide-ranging benefits of community energy as well as provide advice on how to make projects a reality.

Greater Manchester celebrated with The Big Red Bus Tour which travelled the city visiting householders that have made radical reductions in energy bills and carbon emissions.

Stephen Beech’s property off Oxford Road near the city centre, which previously won best energy efficient refurbishment at the Environment and Energy Awards, was selected as one of the tour stops due to its impressive array of green technologies.

Stephen Beech has transformed the property from an energy guzzling terraced house into a green hi-spec student property. Its green installations include solar panels, air source heat pump, heat recovery and under-floor heating system, and argon filled glazing. The property has achieved 100% carbon neutral status and has an ‘A’ energy performance rating. It’s been regarded as “one of the most remarkable improvements in energy efficient ever seen”.

Stephen Beech said “It’s a privilege to be part of Community Energy Fortnight. I hope that the green installations we’ve brought to this hi-spec student home are an inspiration to other home owners and businesses.”

The Big Red Bus Tour was organised by the Carbon Co-op. Based in Greater Manchester, the co-operative was established to help people transform their draughty old properties into smart, efficient, low carbon homes of the future.

Owned by its members, they work together to pool expertise, reduce costs and access cheaper finance. It’s seen as a new way for householders to take practical and significant action on climate change and reclaim control of their energy, homes, warmth and power.

Stephen Beech is known as Manchester’s Mr Carbon Neutral thanks to his 100+ portfolio of green rental properties. He recently invested in his first city centre apartment block and is spending £3m converting it into 40 green luxury apartments hoping it will be the city centre’s first carbon neutral apartment scheme.

Stephen Beech says “In my quest to make Manchester greener, I hope to attract more investment to help me role our my low carbon model across the city. Current demand for green, energy efficient properties, is far outstripping supply. I just can’t renovate properties fast enough.”

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